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Bino and Fino TV

    Are you looking for more African themed educational TV for your kids? Well we’re going to do our best to help you. We will be making more Bino & Fino educational clips and uploading them directly to the … Continue reading

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Count to 10 in Yoruba

Yoruba is one of the most popular languages in West Africa, not just Nigeria. It is also spoken in parts of the Americas and Europe. In West Africa it is spoken by at least 20 million people.   So go … Continue reading

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Nigerian Educational Cartoon Abuja Premiere Announced

Bino and Fino, the educational cartoon will finally get its premiere in Nigeria. The first showing will take place in Abuja on Saturday the 18th . The Abuja launch will is timed to highlight the International Day of the African … Continue reading

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Happy Children’s Day Nigeria: May 27th

It’s Children’s Day in Nigeria today. I actually thought Children’s Day was celebrated on the same day internationally. It turns out I was wrong. We celebrate it in Nigeria on the 27th of May but other countries do so on … Continue reading

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Nigerian Entertainment Television Sucks

Most of Nigeria’s TV output is rubbish. Especially for children. For a country with such cultural diversity, folklore and modern stories I just don’t understand why. It wasn’t always this way. But things have deteriorated rapidly in the past few … Continue reading

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The Making of a Nigerian Cartoon Show Pt1

  This blog is partly supposed to be about the issues facing the Nigerian and African animation industry as it fights to produce content for children. I’m going to do a series of posts that relate to the vision and … Continue reading

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Nigerian Cupcakes :-) mmmmm

Kids love cupcakes. I love cupcakes and I’m Nigerian. So there’s no way I wasn’t going to post this up when I saw it. Check out more of these on Eat Pray Bake’s Blog here! There’s something about cupcakes that just … Continue reading

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