The 1st Episode

Here’s the 1st episode of the cartoon. What do you think?

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2 Responses to The 1st Episode

  1. Chansa says:

    Hi. ‘ve been looking forward to Bino and Fino for a while. The animation is good but I thought that the voice talent might need to include children’s voices and perhaps a little less of the narravite. I think that would add a lightness and innocence to it. I loved the explaination of colonialism, very nicely put! I’m going to show it to my 6 year old son (he loves Charlie and Lola) and see what he thinks.

    All the best

    • evcl says:

      Hi Chansa. Thanks for being patient with us. For the new episodes we decided to try out what you suggested and have different voice actors. The great thing about being a small cartoon studio is that we can experiment and try things relatively quickly. The bad thing is that we have about less than 1% of the budget used to create the Charlie and Lola series! Bear with us. We’ll be launching the Bino and Fino website soon where things like the DVD and other merchadise will be on sale.

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