I love this little piece from Karen @ Kloppenmum about how children mimic parents. She touches on the positive and possibly negative aspects of it.

Kloppenmum: All About Tantrums

We mimic those around us from as early as 40 minutes old. I remember Craig holding a teeny-tiny Mr Hare in his arms and poking his tongue out at him – sure enough, within a very short space of time Mr Hare was returning the compliment. His mirror neurons had been ‘captured’ by Craig’s and his brain had created similar connections.

This ability to learn without realising we are learning can be very useful. The power of mimicry was recorded by Aristotle, and it seems logical that people were aware of it long before the Greeks ruled the world.

When Mr Owl, Mr Hare and I went outside to pick peaches on Sunday, this is what we saw:

Mr Butterfly was right in mimicry mode: hanging-out with Dad and learning about hammers. Mr B was learning in the most natural way a child learns [from another person] and I love seeing our kids in mimicry…

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