The Making of a Nigerian Cartoon Show Pt 3

It’s been a while since my last proper behind the scenes post. Things have been so hectic which prevented me from doing so.

Well, despite ups and downs, the Bino and Fino cartoon project is going from strength to strength. The show has been in South Africa on Cape Town TV which is a great community television channel. It is also being shown on the Sky TV platform in the U.K. Thanks to these screenings plus the You Tube channel and DVD sales; the cartoon is rapidly picking up a fan base of children and parents.

Actually you fans are one of the highlights of the Bino and fino cartoon for us producing it. You guys are all over the world and you keep sending us great support, advice and positive vibes. We can’t thank you enough for that. Of course to counter that we’re getting people who don’t like the show. My favorite recent comment was on Twitter and it was “Watching Bino and Fino. Worst programme ever made.” Hey, it’s a free world. The cool thing is that they watched the show on Sky in the UK which means we’re getting viewers!

We were also part of two great expos last year. The Africa Rocks Expo in London and the British Council’s Creative Expo in Lagos. There we met many great people face to face. It also helped us measure just where the Bino and Fino project is.

One of the challenges we’ve had has been getting a sponsorship partner to get the Bino and Fino cartoon on Nigerian TV screens. We’re currently in talks with interested parties so that should be resolved soon. Another issue some of you have rightly flagged up is getting the DVDs in shops in Nigeria. Again we’re working on that and a list of shops in Abuja and Lagos that stock the DVD will be published soon. And we’re talking to distributors to give us a wider reach in the country.

As for new episodes, we are prepping up on those to start production soon. So Bino and Fino is going full steam ahead. It is challenging producing an educational children’s cartoon show in Nigeria but we love it!

About BinoandFino

A new black cartoon made in Africa for kids all over the world.
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