Nigerian Cartoon For Children Comes to Sky TV

Well guys, Bino and Fino are finally going to make it to UK TV screens. It’ll be for a limited time only though so make sure you catch it! The cartoon will be shown on Showcase TV which is channel 201 on Sky TV. It is also channel 403 of Freesat for those of you who have that.

It will be the first time kids in the UK will get to watch an African educational cartoon from Nigeria on their screens. That is, a cartoon for children produced in Africa by Nigerians designed to show a positive, modern side to the continent.

It’s going to be interesting to see how African children in Diaspora based in the UK and their non – African peers react to the cartoon being on television. We’re excited to have this opportunity to bring genuine African educational entertainment to them.

Our partners for this little historic event will be Colourful radio. The Uk’s foremost multicultural radio station. One of their presenters Rosemary Laryae is a big Bino and Fino fan. I thank her and Colourful Radio for getting on board.

Showcase TV have to be mentioned as well. Without them and their programming ethos we wouldn’t have had this opportunity.

Bino and Fino are coming to check out London and Big Ben! Spread the word guys.

About BinoandFino

A new black cartoon made in Africa for kids all over the world.
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3 Responses to Nigerian Cartoon For Children Comes to Sky TV

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  2. femmelounge says:

    beautiful. well done bino and fino!

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