Bino and Fino Abuja Launch!

Hanging out before the show

We finally had the Bino and Fino Abuja launch on Saturday and it was a wonderful event. Thanks everyone who either came down or helped out to make the day a success. We weren’t too sure how the tern out would be especially in the aftermath of the sad bombing that took place earlier in the week. But we weren’t disappointed.

Settling in for the Bino and Fino show

It took place at Silverbird cinemas. I’d say we all made a tiny bit of history that day. I believe it’s the first time that a Nigerian educational children’s cartoon has been shown in a cinema in the country. Ok, it’s not the same as discovering the potion for eternal youth but hey who cares! We’re claiming it.

Watching Bino and Fino on the Big Screen

The wonderful thing about the day was seeing the kids and parents enjoying a Nigerian cartoon in the same cinema that they come to see films such as Kung Fu Panda 2, Rango and Toy Story in. It was like a normal day at the cinema. The feedback and ideas from the kids, parents and teachers was great and informative. We managed to get on the national news and some other shows which was great. So word about Bino and Fino is starting to spread even more in Nigeria. We are looking into doing more screenings as the demand has been so much from parents who missed the Saturday launch. We are now starting plans on the Lagos and London screenings. Stay tuned for more news and thanks again for your support.

Bino and Fino

About BinoandFino

A new black cartoon made in Africa for kids all over the world.
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4 Responses to Bino and Fino Abuja Launch!

    • BinoandFino says:

      I was wondering where all the shouting last night was coming from! It wasn’t my neighbours having a party, it was Karyn all the way from New Zealand!!! Hey how are you? It’s been a while. I was off the radar because we were planning the first launch. It was a great day meeting the kids and parents. Looking forward to the next. Probably in London or Lagos. I hope things are good on your side. I haven’t dropped in on your blog in a while. Will do so to catch up on some of that Kloppenmum wisdom. 🙂

  1. Myne Whitman says:

    Congrats BinoandFino! This is great news, and there’s more to come.

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