7 African Animations….

Learn more about the new Bino and Fino Cartoon and visit the shop.Bino and Fino was featured in the article ‘7 African Animations You Should Know and their Creators’ in the global African pop culture blog Afripop. The good thing about this article is that you get a glimpse of what going on in Africa on the animation scene. It’s exciting to see what’s been going on over the past years and the possible future of this sector in Africa.

About BinoandFino

A new black cartoon made in Africa for kids all over the world.
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4 Responses to 7 African Animations….

  1. Horray for you and Bino and Fino….it’s happening…

    • BinoandFino says:

      Hey Karyn! Yep it’s slowly happening. We’re also close to having our 1st cinema screening in Abuja in a few weeks. I’ll stick it up when it’s all confirmed. That should be interesting!

  2. Immediate feedback at the very least. 🙂

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