Happy Children’s Day Nigeria: May 27th

Children's_dayIt’s Children’s Day in Nigeria today. I actually thought Children’s Day was celebrated on the same day internationally. It turns out I was wrong. We celebrate it in Nigeria on the 27th of May but other countries do so on different days. Even though there is an official International Children’s Day which is the 1st of June not all countries observe it. Added to that there is a Universal Children’s Day which is supposed to be on November 20th. It’s all a bit confusing.

But the simple message can’t be lost. Value and cherish all children and fight for their rights whenever possible. These days serve as focal points to assess the state of children’s welfare in the various countries around the world. I always like to say positive things about my country when I can but in this case we are failing miserably.

Child and mother mortality rates are to high. Not enough girls are going to school. In fact not enough children are going to school period. However I do know a lot of Nigerian people and organisations and also international development groups are doing great work in trying to turn things around. But what we are all trying to avoid is the usual thing when politicians drag out school kids to parade grounds and stadiums nationwide for the usual ’inspirational’ speech about how the children are our future blah blah blah and then get the photo opportunity . Only to disappear until the next year with no real improvement to show on ground. Less talk more action.

Have a good Children’s Day Nigeria. A lot of work still needs to be done by all of us.

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4 Responses to Happy Children’s Day Nigeria: May 27th

  1. You’re comments certainly reflect what I have come to believe about Nigeria. Free and easily accessible contraception might be a good start. Women can only give so much to their children – too many kids means they simply will never get enough of what they really need. The side-effect then is more resources for fewer people too.

    • BinoandFino says:

      Hi Karyn. In my opinion if those in the decision making and resource control positions actually did what they were supposed to in the country’s interest then we wouldn’t have many of the problems besetting children at the moment. That’s the biggest problem in this country. We have so many resources it’s ridiculous. That’s why we have other countries importing all our raw materials for instance. Our problem is mismanagement. We have the land mass, raw materials, manpower, weather, etc etc. We have everything. That’s the frustrating thing.

      • That must be incredibly frustrating for you and for anyone else who has taken the time to think about the situation. Any chance of a change in the near future, do you think?

      • BinoandFino says:

        Boy that’s a tough question. We have some serious issues in this country which have complex roots. For me sometimes it feels that there are those who believe in the entity called Nigeria that want it to progress, there are those who couldn’t care less and are prepared to sell the country out and there are those who are bystanders who feel they have no say. I do feel things are changing but without clear leadership. I only hope we still have a country left when those in the government and sections of the populace get it. We have to fight for this country. We don’t have another. In the mean time we just have to keep doing what you can in your own small or big way to create the country we want.

        My honest answer is I don’t know if we’ll change things. But I’m realistically optimistic we will because there are so many great stubborn Nigerians around, in all levels of society, who want that change.

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