African Parents: Raising Teens in Diaspora

Raising Teens In Diaspora: Click to see article.Photo by AnissatWhen African parents emigrate to countries such as the U.S. and U.K. the different cultural customs can cause problems. Especially when it comes to raising children in the new host country. Do you raise them according to how one was brought up in Africa or do you raise them in a more ‘Western’ manner? There are many types of parenting in the West and in Africa but it’s fair to say they come from different standpoints. Many in the West would say many aspects of African parenting are quite harsh and Africans would say that western parenting styles are too liberal. Of course there are pros and cons to both camps. The question is how does one strike the right balance?

Here’s an article and pod cast on Pamela Stitch’s website. It’s an interview with Dr. Adekemi Oguntola, a doctor and blogger, discussing aspects of this subject and relating it to teenagers.

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3 Responses to African Parents: Raising Teens in Diaspora

  1. I imagine this is an issue for any immigrant family. We see it a lot here with so many people arriving from the Pacific Islands. Especially when both parents have to work to survive – lots of lost teens. It’s heart-breaking when that balance can’t be found.

    • BinoandFino says:

      I agree. It’s something that’s happening in so many parts of the world. What’s also interesting is that thanks to the internet , satellite TV etc, even without leaving the country one is now seeing a similar thing going on in African countries themselves. The kids are watching shows and listening to music from the west and imbibing the culture rapidly whilst parents are struggling to keep a cap on it and strike a balance. I know it’s a slightly different issue but it’s still related I think.

      • I think it’s related too. One of the reasons our kids have such limited screen time is because there’s so much American/British influence – and not much of it positive.

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