Gifted at Primary, Failing By Secondary

Working on Bino and Fino has introduced me to some great people doing important work. One of those is Neil Mayers. I met him through another great guy, Tony Warner from Black History Walks at several of their joint events. Neil has a book out called Gifted at Primary Failing By Secondary. It looks at how the British education system is failing black male students especially. But he doesn’t come from the angle you’d expect. It’s not about sitting back and ‘blaming the system’. It’s more about what steps you can take as a parent to make the system work for your children.

Even though that’s his focus, the themes covered in his book could be used by parents of all races in many countries. You might not agree with all he has to say, as we all know there’s no one fixed way to parent, but I feel what he has to say is important.

Check out his website .

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2 Responses to Gifted at Primary, Failing By Secondary

  1. Really like Neil Mayers! I taught in Lewisham, Elephant and Castle, and Brixton when I was in England and I found teaching in some of the schools emotionally exhausting.The world needs more teachers like Neil out there making a difference.
    And I am constantly trying to tell parents that marketers don’t care about them, just selling the product!

    • BinoandFino says:

      I agree. I find a lot of what he’s saying to be common sense. But sometimes we forget about common sense and need to be reminded. I had no idea you taught in the UK. And those are some pretty interesting areas to teach in.

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