Queens of Africa


Looking for a true African doll for your kids? Well look no further. Here come the Queen of Africa dolls!

I bumped into these dolls about a month ago. I was doing some research and found their website. I love what the creator of the dolls, Taofick Okoya, has to say about why he created them. What’s nice is that they’ve incorporated native dress and hairstyles into the design of some of the dolls. I also see they are adding a bit of variation to the physical features of the dolls as well which I think is important because it shows the different types of beauty in Africa and diversity in body type.

When you have issues such as parents skin bleaching their kids or black children thinking they’re inferior by default we need more initiatives like this. Kudos to the Queens of Africa crew. Only one complaint though. WE NEED SOME STUFF FOR THE GUYS!! J Like an Action Man or some sci-fi type thing. And yes, we can have African themed sci-fi dolls for kids before anyone says anything. You’ll be how many head of tech companies loved sci-fi as a kid. Anyway I’m digressing slightly. I just wanted to do a little bit of campaigning for all the little boys out there. J

Once again well done to the Queens of Africa team. The company is based in Nigeria and I’m not too sure of their distribution network but get in touch with them anyway if you like what you see. It’s good for companies to know there is a market for what they do. If these types of companies are supported, Black parents will be spoilt for choice as to what to buy their kids when it comes to African toys, cartoons, books etc.

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A new black cartoon made in Africa for kids all over the world.
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7 Responses to Queens of Africa

  1. They are gorgeous looking dolls. A bit too Barbie-esque for me but I guess that’s the point. Like you and the cartoon – this is the kind of thing which is needed. I hope they do really well too.

    PS The Owl (6) just happened to walk past as I was looking at them, I said, look at these beautiful dolls. He sneered and said, You think they’re beautiful? I was shocked (thinking OMG racism in our house) and said, Why don’t you think they’re beautiful? He replied, Eeewwwww they’re GIRLS!

    • BinoandFino says:

      EEEWWWWW they’re girls 🙂 .Classic one Owl. Tht’s why I jokingly said they need something for the boys! I agree they still have a few Barbie elements but I’m not going to knock them for it. They’re getting into the trenches and doing it. Sometimes I suppose you have to take things in steps so the market doesn’t panic. Of course if you produce something radically different then that could also be successful. I wish them all the best and they can build from that.

  2. Abbi Junaid says:

    what their contact info. I might have a south African outlet for them. Email and phone number please.

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