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7 African Animations….

Bino and Fino was featured in the article ‘7 African Animations You Should Know and their Creators’ in the global African pop culture blog Afripop. The good thing about this article is that you get a glimpse of what going … Continue reading

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Happy Children’s Day Nigeria: May 27th

It’s Children’s Day in Nigeria today. I actually thought Children’s Day was celebrated on the same day internationally. It turns out I was wrong. We celebrate it in Nigeria on the 27th of May but other countries do so on … Continue reading

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The Making of a Nigerian Cartoon show Pt2

  Here’s the second part in the series about the creation of the Nigerian Bino and Fino educational cartoon project. The 1st part can be located here. I’m going to talk about the decisions made about the production method and … Continue reading

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Happy Africa Day 2011!

  Happy Africa Day guys. Tell the kids! Actually they probably know already. 🙂 Ok hands up who didn’t know it was Africa Day today? I’ll admit it I had no idea and I live here!

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Sesame Street in Nigeria: Good or Bad?

Ok it‘s finally happened Sesame Street is here in Nigeria! Wohooooo!! Or is it a case for wohoooing? Right first of all I have to tell you all that this will be one the most confused posts I’m going to … Continue reading

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African Parents: Raising Teens in Diaspora

When African parents emigrate to countries such as the U.S. and U.K. the different cultural customs can cause problems. Especially when it comes to raising children in the new host country.

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Should Africans Do Science Fiction?

‘Should Africans do sci-fi?’  ‘It’s not in our culture’ I always get surprised and angry when I hear similar questions or statements. This is especially so when it comes from Africans ourselves.

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