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Well it’s been a few weeks since we launched Bino and Fino. It has been very hectic. The best thing so far is having the opportunity to meet parents and kids in person. I am currently in London and we have had several screenings of the Bino and fino cartoon. One was a cinema screening of Bino and Fino as part of the Images of Black Women Film Festival which was a great event. It was arranged by Tony Warner of Black History Walks with the founder of the festival Sylviane Rano as part of an African animation Forum. They also showed the wonderful Cuban film Chico and Rita. I was able to meet parents and children. They received the episode of Bino and Fino they saw very well. They even gave it a little round of applause! J I’ve always known that there’s a market for well made African cartoons for kids. Why wouldn’t there be? But it’s always nice to see it confirmed face to face by kids and parents.

After that we had a chance to go for a coffee and to discuss our thoughts on black and African representation in Global media. We didn’t always agree but everyone there was passionate about making the situation better. I loved the energy and the little brain storming session we had. I came from the angle that I don’t see why we have to wait for someone like Disney to a cartoon for kids featuring positive black and/or African cartoon characters. I don’t even expect or want them to. If you want your own story told, do it yourself and those want to learn and be part of it will come. After all Disney did just that! I know that’s a bit of an extreme position in one sense. Anyway I’m digressing a bit.

There was another screening last week Sunday where I actually made my first DVD sale in person! That was cool. It was to mother who had a six year old boy. She also asked if we had books featuring Bino and Fino or if we knew of any authors of children’s books that portrayed positive elements of African culture. So as far as I’m concerned parents are crying out for this type of content. The problem they either don’t know it exists or know where to find it.

Another interesting thing I’ve found is that so many black and African parents and kids are so used to the Disney/Pixar etc output that they almost don’t know what to believe when the see an African cartoon. It’s bad enough with an African American cartoon not to talk of an African cartoon. It goes against EVERYTHING they’ve seen so far when it comes to cartoons! I can understand this. That’s a huge hang up we have to get over as quickly as possible.

About BinoandFino

A new black cartoon made in Africa for kids all over the world.
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6 Responses to Meet The Parents

  1. bolaji says:

    This is wonderful news. Glad you were able to present live screenings and directly connect with the public on these issues. There is a yearning for what you’re providing. Lives will be changed by these efforts of yours.

    • BinoandFino says:

      Hi Bolaji,
      Many thanks for your support. It has been good to meet parents face to face who have seen parts of the cartoon. In fact I think there’ll be another event this weekend which I’ll attend. All this helps us know how to frame the next episodes and also have an idea of the other types of products parents are looking for their children. It’s great. Waiting for your feedback once you get your DVDs!

  2. Congratulations on that sale! It’s great that you were able to access that level of exposure and word-of-mouth will start to kick in now…yay!

    • BinoandFino says:

      Hey Karyn,
      Many thanks. It was great to make the sale. It might not sound like much but it was nice to see that we had made a mother happy that day. We just have to keep pushing and listening hopefully word of mouth will kick in.

  3. nos says:

    Hello Adamu, I am a freelance Journalist based in London and saw your interview on Voxafrica. I’d like to write a feature on you, is it possible to get in contact. My wordpress page is Thanks a lot.

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