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**Update Jan 11-2011. The download links have now expired as they were available for a limited time only during December.**

Hi, Everyone. We’ve decided to put a free digital copy of the Bino & Fino 1st episode cartoon online for download. It’s our way of saying thanks for being fans. Also some of you have asked how to get high quality versions of the 1st episode so this was the solution we came up with.

There are two choices.

You can download just the video from here   .This is a simple movie version which you can watch straight away.

For those of you who are more ‘tech savvy’ we’ve added the actual DVD master for you to download. This way you can actually burn DVDs of the episode. But you have to know how to copy and burn DVDs which really isn’t that hard and we have also included instructions. Here are the links:



I hope you enjoy the episode again in high quality this time round. The Download links will be available until the 20th of Dec.

All the best,



About BinoandFino

A new black cartoon made in Africa for kids all over the world.
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12 Responses to Download Your Free Bino & Fino Episode!

  1. r says:

    Suggest that donations (e.g. paypal. No credit card due to poor reputation of Nigeria for fraud) are accepted for each episode streamed via internet. To keep software costs low, use ogg theora/vorbis and recommend vlc to consumers. If each episode < 15 minutes, recommend users donate Euro1 per four episodes. Allow donations for a limited period (e.g. 10 days) after each episode. Then remove streaming and sell iso image/cd

  2. Yoruba Doula says:

    I agree. Please find a way to keep these videos coming online or sell a DVD box set. You could upload them as episodes on iTunes which people trust, but can pay for the show. Most shows are USD$1.99 per episode

    • evcl says:

      Hi. We’re aiming to get a DVD ready for sale as soon as we can. We’re just trying to work out ways of making it available to people in different parts of the world via a website etc. But stay tuned and thanks for dropping by!

  3. kloppenmum says:

    Good morning, Adamu,
    My older boys (nine and five) watched your cartoon this morning. They enjoyed it, but I don’t think they really understood what independence meant.
    I would think it’s a pretty big concept to handle in a cartoon, and suggest you consider putting that episode on ice while you’re tying to pitch it.
    When I was learning to write, I was taught two things, which might be of help:
    1. Get rid of the first chapter(s) and start with the action.
    2. Show what’s going on – don’t tell – in this episode the scene on the sofa with the grandfather is a lot of telling, in my opinion.

    I liked the pace of the cartoon – it reminded me of the British cartoon Maisy Mouse.
    I hope this feedback is useful. I have put you on my blogroll – you never know…
    Be well,

    • evcl says:

      Morning Karyn,
      Now it’s my turn to say I’ll be going to bed soon. Thanks for the feedback. We’re actually ‘self-publishing’ and releasing our cartoons ourselves. I got tired of trying to pitch to TV stations and decided to go straight to the public instead. The episode you saw was our 1st one and we used it to test the waters. In the coming episodes we’ve taken in some of the criticism from people and tried to act on it.

      Yes Independence is a meaty topic. What we found was that even though most of the children who watched it didn’t understand it 1st time round, it provided a platform for discussion between parents and children. That was the feedback we got from parents primarily on our facebook page.

      The upcoming episodes are going to be ‘lighter’ and will cover more general topics like teaching about shapes, fruits, animals and numbers etc. If we manage to keep the series going I intend to mix up the topics.

      We’ll see how it goes…

    • evcl says:

      We’re definitely trying to put more action in the coming episodes but still maintain the Maisy Mouse pace! And many thanks for sticking us on your blog roll. I tweeted about your blog earlier on today.

  4. kloppenmum says:

    Sounds good, you’ve obviously given the project a lot of thought as well as having done a lot of work. Thanks for the tweet (whatever that means – Mrs techno-not-savvy here!). Sleep well.

    • evcl says:

      Hi Karyn. Yes there’s almost 2 years of work gone into this. 4 years if you count saving up for it. I’m new to Twitter as well. Trust me when I say I just didn’t see the whole Tweet this tweet that hype but it’s an interesting medium and I was wrong. I think you should try it out. I think I’m starting to see how it works and have already met some great people on it. It would suit your blog quite well.

  5. kloppenmum says:

    Hi Adamu,
    I will have to have a look at Twitter, I think. I tried a facebook page and it just wasn’t for me: too time consuming for me at the time. We’ll see, I have only so much time each day!

    • evcl says:

      I totally understand. We have a Facebook, Blog, Youtube page and Twitter account. It is very time consuming but also rewarding. Without our Facebook page we wouldn’t have learnt so much about what parents would like to see in our cartoon and what their views were. That’s the best part, reaching people all over the world. I don’t even think we’ve touched the surface of what we can do using social media. We’ve been so busy producing the cartoon and are now getting back into that aspect. But for some reason I think Twitter would be great for you. There are many wonderful parenting blogs on twitter. We’re following some of them and some of them are following us. I think it’ll pay dividends.

  6. kloppenmum says:

    I’m sure you’re right, and now that all the research is done, I should look into it. I’m also writing for worldmomsblog and it looks as though I might have some speaking this year…three kids, one house…I’ll just have to give up my need to sleep! 🙂

    • evcl says:

      I don’t know how you moms do it (and some dads too). I don’t have any kids and I think I don’t have enough hours in the day. I know it’s close to your bed time over there so please don’t let me add to the reasons for your lack of sleep! I’ll check out worldmomsblog too.

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