Raising African Children in the Diaspora.

Photo by Anissat

Raising black African children in Diaspora can be quite challenging to immigrant parents. Here’s an interesting paper on the subject. Parenthood in itself is tough enough let alone doing it in a new country where the host culture is different in many aspects to those of your home country. You don’t have to agree with all the conclusions in the paper but I found it very informative. It is written by Vivian Yenika-Agbaw, Ph.D.  The paper can be read here http://www.jpanafrican.com/docs/vol3no4/3.4AfricanChildRearing.pdf  .

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6 Responses to Raising African Children in the Diaspora.

  1. kloppenmum says:

    What an interesting looking article. I have saved it to my desktop so that I can read it slowly and properly (it’s nearly bedtime here). I had an interesting blogging discussion with a young man (19) if Nigerian descent about this issue a month or so ago. He is now American and was saying his parents didn’t want him to mix with black American children, because of the very things Vivian is speaking about. As a white woman on the other side of the world, I found it a fascinating idea: mostly because it had never been consciously raised for me. I think I’ve learned more about people around the world in the last month or so, than I ever have.

    • evcl says:

      Ok if t’s bed time over there I’ll keep my reply short! Lol. I understand the young man’s mother’s concern but I think it’s dangerous to say he shouldn’t mix with black American children. That could set him to thinking that as long as I don’t hang around with Black Americans, everyone else from different races I meet will be good people with the right values. Which couldn’t be further from the truth. The focus in my opinion should be having the ability mix with all races and cultures and know how to stay away from the bad elements in all of them.

  2. kloppenmum says:

    …ok as a woman on the other side of the world…I’ll stop the white-chick stuff now, before it gets really old.

  3. kloppenmum says:

    That’s what I was trying to suggest to him, but he wasn’t hearing me. I agree, I love that our kids will approach anyone and start a conversation. I must go to bed now, but this has been great. Thanks.

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