And We Begin….

Hi Guys! Well, here they are, Bino and Fino, two cartoon characters we hope children of West African origin will come to know and love. To be honest, even though this is a Nigerian based project, we want children from all over the world to see the cartoon. Bino & Fino is an animation series driven by education, entertainment and the Nigerian cultural mix aimed at pre-school and kindergarten children.

The project came about when I saw the lack in children’s cartoons catering for the black African audience. You can also add to that, black family audiences worldwide who feel they are not being represented in this important form of media. So to cut a long story short, my company has decided to produce this niche independent cartoon series. It will be available for sale on DVD when we finish production.

But first we have to finish. That will be a journey in itself as we don’t have huge budgets and time at our disposal! We’d like to include you on that journey. We’d love feedback from parents and children especially as that will help us create a better product. In this blog you’ll get the story of what we hope will be a successful production. We’ll post up behind the scenes pictures, drawings, videos and news.

So enough words for now, we have to get on with making this happen. Join us.

About BinoandFino

A new black cartoon made in Africa for kids all over the world.
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